I can paint from either the live person in the studio, or from a photo.

I prefer to work from photos I take myself in the studio because I can control the lighting, but if your photo is of reasonable quality I can probably work from it.

I usually allow two weeks for a single portrait, more if there is more than one person or a group.

I paint just about any kind of portrait. Children, teenagers, adults, grandparents, pets, couples, and families. I do corporate 'board room' portraits or other formal portraits, wedding portraits, and special occasion portraits, such as a 21st birthday or graduation. I paint posthumous portraits for people who wish to remember loved ones who have passed away, and copies of 'heirloom' or ancestral family portraits. I paint copies or interpretations of old master paintings. I can paint your portrait as a historical or mythological figure if you would like to be a hero or a goddess!

Yes, I am happy to paint other works on commission, such as still life, landscape or figurative.

The cost varies according to what I am painting and the time it takes. Each portrait is different, so the best thing is to send me a description of what you are after and I will give you a quote. There is a form on my contact page.

Yes I offer a custom framing service.