'Sophie had placed her work on an art web-site which I follow. I kept coming back many times to view her piece "Island." It has soul. While Sophie's soul certainly comes through in the painting, to me it covers that of others who reflect on their past. I love it as do others who have seen it. I am proud to have her work on display in my home.'

- James F

'Sophie painted our recently passed Father and Grandfather for my family. We were truly blown away with not only the finished product, but the process along the way. Sophie made such an effort to get to know our Grandpa in order to paint him with a lot of compassion. Every time we look at the painting on our wall, we think we are looking at a real life picture, it is absolutely mind blowing. Sophie captured him so well, from the eyes, to the small little marks on his face - it holds so much character. What Sophie did for our family was something so special that we will hold in our family for generations to come. We can't thank her enough!'

- Isobele

'Sophie Haythornthwaite is a rare and exceptional talent.

I commissioned a piece from Sophie for my wife, to capture the vulnerability and intimacy of a couple in the throes of labour. I sent Sophie an image and explained what the photograph meant to me. I told Sophie that the only thing I needed captured was the moment.

When the work was finished, Sophie presented us not only with a an image true to the moment, but a reflection of our souls.'

- Dr Suhrid Lodh

'Sophie Haythornthwaite recently painted a portrait of our youngest daughter who died in early 2015.

We requested that eyes and face sensitively portray her intelligence, humour and compassion. We had struggled with the memory of her recent health difficulties but the portrait has given back the memories of her joyful vibrancy, warm and loving heart, humour and intelligence.

It is so good to reconnect with that each time we see the portrait as Sophie has captured these qualities with amazing perception and clarity. Sophie was a pleasure to deal with and was always attentive and sensitive to our wishes and seemed to develop a deep understanding of her subject matter.

The high quality of the painting reflects the output of a talented and professional artist.'

- John & Gwen Francis

'Sophie Haythornthwaite painted a nude portrait of me in 2010, after I had been diagnosed with cancer. Her sensitivity and professionalism made the entire process safe, healing and life-affirming.

The finished portrait went on to be shortlisted for the Moran Prize - and it was richly deserved. It is a portrait that captures not only my physicality, so beautifully and naturalistically rendered, but more importantly, my internal essence. Sophie also painted a portrait of my sister, three months before she died of the same cancer. It is a layered, soulful portrait that encapsulates my sister's vibrancy and spirit more than any photograph ever could.'

- Katerina Cosgrove, Author

'Sophie Haythornthwaite is a consummate professional in possession of an exceptional gift.

Having my portrait painted was not something I was particularly looking forward to but with Sophie’s sensitivity and her infectious sense of humour the experience was pure pleasure.

I was overseas when Sophie finished the portrait so she emailed me a high-resolution photograph of the painting. As I slowly scrolled down I came to my eyes and I stopped. I was looking into myself. I had never had that experience before and each time I look at the painting now it feels exactly the same. How does she do that? Bravo Sophie.'

- Denise Leith

'We commissioned Sophie to paint a portrait of our late parents/parents in law. She captured so much of who they were with astonishing accuracy and clarity in a way that no photos of them did. Sophie is a highly talented artist who produced a portrait of exceptional quality.'

- Brett and Kara Hartley