About the Artist

Sophie Haythornthwaite received her technical training in Florence, Italy, where she studied the techniques of the old masters at Charles H Cecil Studios. She continues to paint using the traditional methods and materials of the Italian, French and Dutch painters of the Renaissance and Baroque.

Sophie uses high quality painting materials that she prepares herself in her studio, grinding her own pigments and preparing her own canvases, mediums and varnishes using traditional methods and recipes. Not only does this practice allow for a more complete control over the performance and quality of one's materials, it also enables the artist to achieve specific painterly effects used by the masters, the subtleties of which are often difficult to achieve using synthetic modern materials.

Sophie specialises in portraiture and has a studio in the Blue Mountains, NSW. She also paints still life, landscape and figurative works.

Sophie's works are represented in private collections throughout Australia, the USA and Europe.


To see the range of Sophie's work please view her galleries: Portrait Gallery, Still Life Gallery, Figurative Gallery, Landscape Gallery and Drawing Gallery.

For information on commissioning a portrait or other artwork please visit the Commissions page.

For any other information, further details on the works, or sizes and prices, please Contact the artist.

Magnolia Dusk